Activity role


Most economic analysis offices, investment or investment firms, private banks, and hedge funds all have a strategic market letter which is intended only for their investors, traders and market participant or operator. aimed at profiting from price movements in financial markets.

It is in this context that ExchangeNomics, specializing in market research, economic and financial analysis, offers you this possibility. Our member-investors therefore have the same level of macroeconomic and financial information similar to trading floor and can therefore take advantage from price movements on the assets of their choice with a considerable saving of time. In other words, we are working for you. You are an investor or trader and we are your private analysts

What we do


Exchangenomic is defined as an advisory and decision support service intended for independent investors and traders. We provide market points, strategic letters focused on the macroeconomic and technical environment that concern the most traded assets. Exchangenomic is also a subsidiary of Median Financial Economics Group ltd, which is an independent French-Canadian firm, and an economic and financial analysis office, whose main activity is based on quantitative research of financial markets, while providing investment solutions or stock market speculations on assets traded by most of our members / clients, services and tools made available to them

Who do we serve


This service is only intended for a public whose level varies from intermediary to expert in financial markets. You must first be familiar with basic economic and financial knowledge, and have at least 2 years of financial market practice. This is not a financial training or coaching service. The information, analyzes, or comments promulgated through the weekly strategy letters are not suitable for the general public.